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To capture the world in a moment is both a privilege and an incredible challenge. Creatives pool the resources spawned from experience, skills and vision to construct what they consider to be art. A lot of this process - for many - is about control. Controlling all elements and factors to concretise the results of the creative process into one that matches the vision. Control over the material, the medium, the lighting, the environment, the subject and even the context. Street photography challenges this process in a strange dance of control and surrender.

A photographer must have complete confidence in themself and their skills. Everything they need in order to capture an image has to be second nature. This is because apart from our own skills and intentions, everything about street photography is outside of our control. No subject is the same or in the same position. Environments are constantly shifting and changing. These are realities we have to not only accept, but also surrender to. In this decided surrender, we need to have complete control. A fascinating dichotomy and the true purpose of a photographer - to capture the world as it exists through their unique perspective.

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