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"...the inquiring mind."

The impulse to create and capture is an immutable trait that all human beings possess. We see this in every part of modern life. With the integration of social media into the professional and social fabric of our society, it's easy to see how we as a species thrive off of documenting the creative processes of  life.

Given the omnipresent state of this desire to capture and document life, we seem to have grown lethargic and desensitised when it comes to the exploration of what we capture. Consumed by waves of stimulating content, we have forgotten how to truly observe. Social media, and the ease with which we are able to share visual content, has drained us of our capacity to observe. As a result of such stimulating repetitional force, we have lost the inquisitive mind.

We each see the world from a vantage point that is unique to us. I choose my projects with the hope that my work will give people the space and opportunity to closely observe that which they may have overlooked. To present pockets of reality that demand attention - eliminating the distractions and stimulating the inquiring mind.

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