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We seldom consider the influence places have when discerning how we became the people we are. A place can provide us with the safe space to explore ourselves or enforce the restrictions that bind us to the worst parts of ourselves. The space between the perception of who we are and our understanding of the world around us, is governed by forces outside of our control - space.

The relationship between density, texture, layers, colour, space, movement, stillness absence and abundance, is a balance that we are constantly observing, engaging and negotiating with all while attempting to navigate an environment. We instinctively combine the factors of any given space, and reduce them to a singular "mood."

My goal with photographing places is to make the relationship between these factors conscious. What role does density play in a space? Is it suffocating or liberating? Do the textures inspire feelings of comfort or chaos? Does absence convince a space of its unique independence or impose a sense of insecurity? The world of spaces is one we should all aim to understand and conquer, for it is the world we live in. 

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