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Much of who we believe ourselves to be - as a species - is defined by our relationship with the animal kingdom. Whether on a hierarchy of dangers, or in a dance of symbiosis, how we relate to the animal kingdom says more about us than it ever will of them. 

For all we humans have come to understand about the world, the animal kingdom seems to be an area of consideration we are hell-bent on misunderstanding. We have restricted our position on the matter to a relationship of death - what can kill us, what can we kill, and what should we protect from being killed? A peculiar dance of life and death that we believe we are worthy of leading. 

The role that culture and beauty both play in the animal kingdom is something that a dishearteningly small group of people are aware of. Take into consideration the fact that varying groups of the same species have almost completely different dialects of communication as well as migration rituals. The more a dedicated group of researchers champion the practice of observing the animal kingdom with genuine curiosity and humility, we begin to understand that the behaviours and practices we once deemed to be the result of immutable instinct, is in fact a definitive culture passed down from one generation to the next. 

As a species, we have failed to hear the call of the animal kingdom. A call that demands our respect and assimilation into the humble practice of sharing a world. 

My goal with photographing the animal kingdom is to expose the delicate humanity within those that are not human. 

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